If this is your first lighting assignment please review the Lighting and Rendering Handbook for guidance.

The challenge in this shot is that Death needs to be struck with the double beam (Death and Cupids beam), and this forms an extra large bubble around her. The bubble can be made up of several source bubbles merged into one so that the shape evolves as she moves. I'd suggest constraining the bubble controllers to her at various points.


I suggest adding the bubble to this file, and over-writing it (you can make a backup of the original). 
C:\Devils_Angels_Dating\My Dropbox\030_Lighting\sh1100_DTH_caught\Anim_1100.ma


Once the bubble is setup you can go through the steps to light the scene. I've gone through the first few steps of the lighting Handbook and the lighter only needs to start from step 3.


Here's the bubble tutorial.
Frame range 1 to 67

The shot:

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I'm missing an image sequence:

I might also be missing a shorter second image sequence of the beams but it's hard to tell. Something is missing one way or the other.

Never mind... it was just a gap in the middle of the sequence when it goes off screen. Not sure how you hadn't had to do something in the comp to compensate for that.

The beams is how you gave me the sequence I have not touched it. The fluids have been provided before i think so it might be in a previous Dropbox back up
If not I can try to get it to you over the next day

Can you just send the Fluids? It could take me ages to figure out what version of the fluids it is, through restoring and trial and error. It's the top layer in the comp.

I'll see what I can do as I am not at home. Should hopefully be able to get it. Is it the one that is within the precomp or the separate one?

I think it's the one that looks like a close up on a tiny flame moving too fast. It might be something I cut though, as it's the least fitting part of the effect anyway. It would have just been nice to see if I could experiment with it and find a way to include it.

This is a re-working of the elements Iskander has provided. It just needed some better balance, colours, and blending, and a few more effects used in other shots for consistency. It makes the next shot look tame now, but I think we get away with it since it's a wide shot.

I think cutting it has been the best option - looks great you latest post :) the travelling texture on the bubble really helps :)

Is the final outcome I dont need to source the files for you?

It's certainly good enough. I would have liked to try to work with all the elements you created, but if you're not at home to send the files don't worry about it for now.

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