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This is a non-profit project to make a short animated film directed by Michael Cawood. Take a look around and if you're interested in getting involved please watch the introduction videos below, read the introduction in the forum and register your interest here. Contact Michael Cawood to request a task or update your status. Look for the red 'Wanted' tag on the Tracker below. If you'd like to contribute please let us know.


Guide to collaborating on the website:


  • Use your real name
  • Post a real photograph of yourself
  • Fill out your profile and tick the appropriate boxes
  • Post links to your work
  • Introduce yourself to the team here
  • Start to get involved in the comments and forums
  • Check the Jobs page for tasks
  • Talk to me about what you’d like to work on
  • When you accept an assignment, post updates often
  • Post images in the image section
  • Post videos in the video section
  • Write good notes alongside your posts
  • Upload versions of your files as you go
  • Label your files clearly,
  • ...with a version number higher than the last version
  • ...and your initials.
  • Then post on the forum somewhere logical
  • Be open to feedback and respond with your thoughts
  • If you have to slow down or stop let us know, perhaps post a blog
  • If you’re absent but you still want to be involved later on stay in touch and keep posting feedback


  • Don’t post non film related images or videos to our galleries
  • Be dis-respectful of others in your comments
  • Join up just to self promote (unless you are posting another collaborative project in our forum)


Watch what others do to figure out how things work. For an audio explanation of why all these things are recommended it's featured in the second half of Episode 3 of the 'Animation in Progress' Podcast.


You can see a full credit list along with a project summary at

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This is the development website showcasing the work done on a zero-budget, volunteer team based short animated film directed by Michael Cawood.

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