A year after the economic collapse, I became another lay off statistic you would hear about daily on the news. As you could imagine, I was completely crushed and overwhelmed. The reoccurring notion that kept playing in my mind was that of complete uncertainty in regards to finding another job in a reasonable amount of time. I knew as a recent graduate my odds of being hired were shortened due to my lack of work experience in the industry. So I decided to spend the following months building up my portfolio. In addition, I constantly sent out resumes and demo reels in response to leads inside and outside of the States, but unfortunately my efforts did not lead to success. Needless to say, times were definitely getting tough.

About eight months of unemployment, my situation changed drastically when I was introduced, by a fellow alumni, to the Devils Angels and Dating film. Shortly after acquainting myself with the team and receiving the green light from Director Michael Cawood, I was given my first assignment. For the first time in a while my mind was directed to something other than the struggle of downturned job market. I was part of an animation team, and it felt incredible! The film introduced a new surge of motivation and drive that stayed with me from the first project all the way to the last. I never rightly realized the great opportunity I was a part of until I discovered it would be a real career catalyst for me. That’s right! In the midst of production, I was contacted for an interview which later evolved into a full time job. There were so many factors that contributed to this amazing result including member collaborations, creative and professional growth, and the most important helping aid was a chance given by Michael Cawood to be part of D.A.D. For that I will always be grateful.

The main reason I’m submitting this piece is to shed some light on Michaels innovative idea that changed a lot of people during a most trying and difficult time in history. I look forward to seeing how D.A.D. gains momentum through upcoming festivals and its possible venture into something bigger in the future. I hope to continuing these new friendships and creative alliances built during the film; I know how beneficial they have been to me and I know they have been to others as well. The Lord has truly blessed me through this project with memories, friends, and tremendous artistic growth.

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Comment by Dapoon Rai Dewan on February 21, 2012 at 1:35pm

That was really inspiring Trey! I can imagine your situation since I too have been through recession. And it really gets tough during that time! Thanks a lot for sharing!

Comment by Trey Waters on February 22, 2012 at 2:10pm

Thanks Dapoon! I really enjoyed writing this blog as it allowed me to not only revisit the path that lead me here but also gave me a chance to open myself up a little bit more to you guys on the team. Hope all is well your way


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